Idaho Capes


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Name County USGS Topo Map
Anderson Point Bonner Talache
Arrow Point Kootenai Coeur D'Alene
Bear Point Idaho Sheep Hill
Beaver Point Idaho Magruder Mountain
Beedle Point Kootenai Harrison
Black Rock Kootenai Mica Bay
Blackwell Point Kootenai Bayview
Bliss Point Gooding Bliss
Bottle Bay Point Bonner Oden Bay
Bronco Point Power Schiller
Browns Point Kootenai Harrison
Canoe Point Bonner Priest Lake NE
Cape Horn Idaho Silver Spur Ridge
Cape Horn Bonner Lakeview
Cape Horn Bonner Priest Lake SE
Castle Rock Clearwater Clarke Mountain
Cellar Point Kootenai Mica Bay
Chicken Point Kootenai Hayden Lake
Chicken Point Caribou Reservoir Mountain
Chippy Point Kootenai Harrison
Clark Point Kootenai Hayden Lake
Conkling Point Kootenai Harrison
Contest Point Bonner Sandpoint
Cooper Point Idaho Watchtower Peak
Crappie Point Owyhee Norton Canyon
Crown Point Idaho Hida Point
Deadman Point Bonner Hope
Donavons Point Kootenai Coeur D'Alene
Driftwood Point Kootenai Mica Bay
Dukes Owyhee Bull Basin Camp
East Point Kootenai Harrison
English Point Kootenai Hayden Lake
Eureka Point Valley Bull Creek Hot Springs
Evernade Point Kootenai Hayden Lake
Fenstermaker Point Power American Falls
Fick Point Idaho Joseph
Fuzzy Peak Shoshone Thor Mountain
Gasser Point Kootenai Harrison
Gotts Point Canyon Lake Lowell
Graham Point Bonner Lakeview
Granite Point Bonner Minerva Peak
Grouse Mountain Point Bonner Talache
Halfmoon Point Boise Pioneerville
Harer Point Bear Lake Pegram
Harlow Point Kootenai Harrison
Harts Island Kootenai Spirit Lake East
Harvey Point Owyhee Hill Pasture
Hawkins Point Bonner Oden Bay
Hess Point Bonner Priest Lake SE
Hida Point Idaho Hida Point
Hill Pasture Point Owyhee Hill Pasture
Hope Point Bonner Hope
Independence Point Kootenai Coeur D'Alene
Indian Point Elmore Indian Cove
Indian Point Bonner Hope
Indian Rock Bonner Priest Lake SW
J-P Point Owyhee Stiff Tree Draw
Kinney Point Valley Warm Lake
Kootenai Point Bonner Oden Bay
Lees Point Kootenai Hayden Lake
Little Deer Point Boise Robie Creek
Little Point Owyhee Castro Table
Long Point Bonner Talache
Lookout Point Owyhee Indian Hot Springs
Lower Point Boise Robie Creek
Lucks Point Valley McCall
Luds Point Twin Falls Norton Canyon
Lyndale Landing Kootenai Mica Bay
Maiden Rock Bonner Cocolalla
Martin Peak Shoshone Mallard Peak
McDonald Point Kootenai Mica Bay
Mineral Point Bonner Talache
Mush Point Clearwater The Nub
Myrtle Point Blaine Magic Reservoir West
North Cape Kootenai Coeur D'Alene
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