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Kootenai County Cultural Features: Civil

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Name County USGS Topo Map
City of Athol Kootenai Athol
City of Coeur d'Alene Kootenai Coeur D'Alene
City of Dalton Gardens Kootenai Coeur D'Alene
City of Fernan Lake Village Kootenai Fernan Lake
City of Harrison Kootenai Harrison
City of Hauser Kootenai Newman Lake
City of Hayden Kootenai Hayden
City of Hayden Lake Kootenai Hayden
City of Huetter Kootenai Coeur D'Alene
City of Post Falls Kootenai Post Falls
City of Rathdrum Kootenai Rathdrum
City of Spirit Lake Kootenai Spirit Lake East
City of State Line Kootenai Liberty Lake
City of Worley Kootenai Worley
Coeur d'Alene Division Kootenai Coeur D'Alene
Harrison Division Kootenai Lane
Post Falls-Rathdrum Division Kootenai Rathdrum
Spirit Lake-Athol Division Kootenai Athol
Worley Division Kootenai Harrison
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